Communications materials for public examinations of doctoral degrees​

Use this form to submit information for the publication of your examination to the
Sibelius Academy communications team. Make sure you complete the form at least one month before the examination  to allow the communications team enough time.

Based on the information you submit on this form, the Sibelius Academy communications team

- publishes the details of the event on the Sibelius Academy events calendar (and the events newsletter, etc.) and the events calendar available on Intranet Artsi.

- produces the information to be published about your examination on the information screens of Sibelius Academy

- arranges the layout and printing of your examination programme (time needed including the proofreading is min. one week)

- produces a press release and publishes it approximately two weeks before the event​

1. The candidate's personal information

Your first name

Your last name

Daytime telephone number

E-mail address

2. I am completing my doctoral degree in

3. The doctoral school

4. The title of my dissertation (if the written and artistic components have different titles, give both)

5. The date of the public examination

Give the exact details of the public examination:
- date

- time

- location including the street address

6. The examination programme

​Provide details of the examination to be included in the programme: a summary of lectio praecursoria, the speakers, any music performances, etc.

7. Key persons related to the public examination and the dissertation

Research Study Programme: the pre-examiners, opponent(s), the custom

Arts Study Programme: the board which examined the doctoral concerts, the examiners of the written component, the custos, the reviewers (separately for the written and artistic components)

Applied Study Programme: the co-examiners, reviewers, the custos of the examination programme and a summary of lectio praecursoria, including any music performances or the abstract/s of the written component/s

Examiner (opponent)​

Examiners of the written thesis

The board which assessed the ​artistic demonstrations

The custos

The co-examiners of a degree in the Applied Study Programme, if applicable

Reviewer/s (the Arts Study Programme, the artistic component)​

Reviewer/s (the Arts Study Programme, the written thesis)​

8. The candidate's curriculum vitae

The examination programme will include the candidate’s CV. The maximum length of the CV is 2,000 characters. A shorter version of the CV may also be included in the press release.

9. My degree includes assessed concerts/artistic components (Arts Study Programme/Applied Study Programme)

If the degree includes artistic components (compulsory in the Arts Study Programme, may also be the case in Applied Study Programme), please provide details of each concert on this page. The programme information will be finalised during the publishing stage. Add the concert information by choosing "yes" below and proceed. If your degree doesn't include assessed artistic components, choose "No" and proceed.