Enter the UK Tekla Awards 2022 - Tekla Structural Designer Category

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Project entry materials and requirements

The BIM story of your project is the most important part of the submission. In addition, the Tekla project/model folder is an essential part of the entry. High quality model images and photos help communicate your story.

Mandatory materials:

  • The Tekla Structural Designer model (.TSMD)
  • In Tekla Structural Designer > File > Save model only > This saves a "core model"
  • Any IFC or additional reference models relevant for the project entry
  • Sample drawings of the projects in .PDF format
  • Screenshots of the model (Tip: use Tekla Structural Designer built-in screenshot tool to capture a few different full model and model detail images from the project (.PNG file format preferred)
  • High resolution photos or architect visualizations of the project (in any image format, min. 1000 pixels in width/height). Remember that good images can have a strong impact to your success in the competition!

Recommended materials:

  • Logo files of the companies which were involved in the project
  • Any additional material -  BIM execution plan, presentation, videos, media coverage you already have to make your project stand out

If you have a Tekla Structures model to support your entry please follow the (TS) guidelines for uploading found HERE.

Send the project entry materials

Use any cloud or file sharing service you feel comfortable with (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive..) and provide a link where we can download your entry material.

Please provide a url address or link to the project material/data

Notice on the material rights

By entering the competition, the customer (company, companies or a person) gives a permanent permission for Trimble Solutions to use the submitted model(s), IFC’s, images, drawings, logos and project information to be utilized for marketing and sales demonstration purposes.

Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd. has the right to omit a project entry from the competition if required information or materials are missing.

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